IAK Actuarial Service

Our local Actuarial Services practice, integrated with our global expertise, has the breadth of expertise and experience to advise you on actuarial best practice, identifying risks and addressing complex actuarial related matters. We provide insights and solutions for all businesses that face significant and complex risks. Our advice and support can help you manage risk and capital more effectively and provide a more informed, efficient and sustainable basis for value creation.

Actuarial Service in Insurance

Most actuaries work at insurance companies, where their risk-management assessment abilities are particularly useful. With motivations to take on insurance policies that offer little risk, actuarial service practices focus on analyzing factors related to life expectancy, constructing mortality tables that provide a measure of predictability, and making recommendations to brokers in individual cases. While actuarial science is most commonly applied to mortality analysis for life insurance, many of the same procedures are also used for property, liability, and other kinds of insurance. The impact of actuarial service on the costs of life insurance can encourage behaviors that would result in lower premiums, like quitting smoking.

Actuarial Service in Finance

Actuarial service is also commonly used to examine the risks of investments in the financial world. Combining their ability to statistically measure probability with predictive tools specific to a market, actuaries are very useful at investment banks, for example. In many ways, the fluctuations of a financial market are less predictable than an individual's lifespan. Successful actuaries in the financial world must acquire deep knowledge of potential investments and industries. Competent actuarial service can significantly reduce the overall risks of a portfolio.