Tax Payer Category *

Automated Tax Calculation
Gross Salary with Bonus and Other Benefits (Annual)*
Exempted income
(1/3 of Gross or 4.5 lac, Whichever Lower)
Total Taxable Income
Allowable Investment
20% of Taxable Income and Max. 1 crore
Actual Investment *
Total Tax Payable
Less: Tax Rebate
Net Tax Payable
Minimum 5,000 BDT (City)
Source Tax
Tax Payable With Return =
Monthly TDS (If Investment) BDT
Monthly TDS (Without Investment) BDT
Disclaimer: The information on is for general purposes only. Results are an approximate estimation of the information provided by the user. IAK will not be responsible for any action taken based on this report.
Rule: Tax Slab
Slab Amount Percentage
BDT 0-350,000
(Female/Senior Citizen above 65 years age: 4,00,000)
BDT 350,001-450,000 [1,00,000] 5%
BDT 450,001-750,000 [3,00,000] 10%
BDT 750,001-11,50,000 [4,00,000] 15%
BDT 11,50,001-16,50,000 [5,00,000] 20%
BDT 16,50,001- UP [Remaining] 25%

Rule: Rebate
No Rebate Rules Description
a. 3% of Taxable Income
b. 15% of Actual Investment
c. 10 Lac

NB: (Which is Taken as the Lower Value)